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When I think about the Lord
October 17, 2008, 10:10 pm
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I have found lately how much the Lord tests us. How many chances do we get to share the word of God with people? We think about it, and we say how much we want to share with them….
But what about us. What about our reputation. How would it affect US if we did share with them.

But the truth is. It’s not about you. Its not about me. Its about HIM. The only true God.
I myself have experienced this. I sat in PE after dressing in. And was waiting for the bell to ring. And God told me to share my testimony with my friend next to me…. My first thought was “ummm…. God. Are you sure about that???” haha. “Do you realize how this could ruin me?” No….
But now I regret not doing it.. I regret not sharing with him…

So when God gives you that careful nudge. Be sure to listen to it.


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yeah God does test us but will help us through. you are right

Comment by ben

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