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December 20, 2008, 11:58 pm
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Truthfully,.I wonder, does anyone really read my blog? I don’t really know that care if anyone reads it. Its mostly for myself. To let my feelings flow. I seem to come out drained, yet so alive after I get done blogging. It’s rejuvinating.

Well, yesterday was our youth bonfire, it was AWESOME, its one of those things where everyone is so intimate with Christ, mainly during worship. I had alot of fun. And Im pretty sure we almost burnt the woods down πŸ˜›

School’s out for the holidays. It feels akward to wake up and realize.. Oh wait, I don’t have to get up and get dressed. I can just chill in bed, read a book, watch tv, or go my butt back to sleep haha. Me and mom have been spending a lot more time together. For once in the past year or so, I honestly think we are going to make it through everything going on. We just have to stick together…

Peace out. *does the peace sign*


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Your remark about “I’m pretty sure we almost burnt the woods down” made me LOL and I have no idea why…. πŸ˜›
You might get more comments if people didn’t have to leave their name and email address lol

Comment by Zach D.

I read blogs too πŸ˜›

Comment by Christa [static_sunshine]

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