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Living Hope
April 13, 2009, 1:13 pm
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I went to HPC‘s easter service this past saturday, and I was BLOWN AWAY. The title of the sermon was “He lives” And One of the main things that Pastor Dino said that stuck out in my mind was Jesus Christ is the “Living Hope”………

When he said that I started to relate it to my own life. I noticed that I had begun to think that Jesus couldn’t help me with my problems. He’s Dead and Gone!!! But hes not! And then I realized I was thinking, Jesus doesn’t care about my problems. He doesn’t care that I’m sick, he doesn’t care that my family has hospital bills, he doesn’t care about all these problems in my life, when in reality HE DOES. And he is the hope. He’s the living hope!!

God Bless


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We need to talk…God has a purpose for you…He can take what you (we) have and use it for His Glory…if you allow Him to, not dwell. He is amazing and loving and caring…and wants all good to come out of every hardship…we are to be strong thru it all-with HIM! I feel so blessed how I have been able to turn this all around and help others in need to know Him…or grow closer…it is a gift. Take it and run. And one day..perhaps He will heal it here…if not…He will in Heaven! Keep honoring Him! Feels awesome!

God Bless you!!

Hetty @Hetty4Christ

Comment by Hetty Siebens

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